Respect for the Aged Day
Repect for the Aged Day was established as a holiday along side Foundation Day on June 25, 1966.⋅ It is a day to respect the elderly who have made Japanese society what it is today and to wish them all longevity.⋅⋅ September 11, 1951⋅was established (unofficially) as a week to thank and be kind to the elderly and promote welfare⋅ for the aged.⋅ This week⋅became known as the "Day for the Elderly".⋅⋅ On September 15, 1963, the Old-Age Welfare Law was passed and due to the passing of the law on September 15th this date officially became⋅Respect for the Aged Day in 1966, a day to promote longevity and welfare for the elderly.