Kibi Dumpling (Kibi Dango)
A well known confectionnary from the (Bizen) Okayama region.⋅ In 1848, upon recommendation by⋅Iki Sanrousai, a master of tea ceremony of the Okayama clan, kibi dangos were sold in the Kibizu shrine premises.⋅These kibi dumplings were millet cornstarch-based confectionaries.⋅ In 1859, kibi dumplings were sold in Asakusa as “Japan's number one Momotaro Kibi dumplings” which were made from steamed rice and cornstarch flour.⋅ During the Edo Era, due to the abundant harvest of millet corn,⋅ kibi dumplings were often made throughout the Bizen⋅region thus deriving its name "kibi dango".