Kinds Of Chestnuts
Chestnuts belongs to a Japanese beech tree family. It was found during the Stone Age. It it said that in the old days, Shingen Takeda, first planted the chestnut tree deep in the mountains to escape from starvation and⋅ hunger. There are three⋅kinds of chestnuts in Japan. A small size chestnut called “Sasaguri”, a medium size called “Doyoguri” and a large size ones called “Tanbaguri”. Tanba chestnut is also called either cooking chestnut ( Ryoriguri ) or Teuchiguri.

There're other kinds of chestnuts from Europe and United States. But these are inferior to the naitive ones from Japan.⋅ The origin of word “kuri” ( chestnut ) derived from ancient Indian term "sanskrit", black from the color of the chestnut peel.⋅ And also from Kuromi, meaning the black condensed part of the chestnut.