Is made by cooking mochi ( rice cake ), daikon ( japanese white radish ), tangle ( weed ), dried fish and other various vegetables together. In the past, it was called "Nimaze", which means to cook/boil⋅& mix.,⋅since many ingredients were mixed together.⋅ Later it was renamed as "Zoni". There already existed a custom back in 1336, to eat Zoni at a New Year`s celebration, but back then, Zoni was not only condisered a New Year meal.

Although, now days, Zoni is known as a traditional New Year`s soup which features mochi, appears during the holiday season in a number of regional variations. Mochi (rice cake), is the principal ingredient, which has long been thought to bring good fortune, and zoni is the most auspicious food eaten at New Year`s.⋅Back in 14-15th century, when zoni is thought to have originated, it was considered a ritual partaking of food with the gods, to whom it⋅was also offered.